Parkour at Scape, Orchard

Have a swinging good time with 22 Experience!

Have a swinging good time with us by joining by the Parkour event! This month, the event will be held at *Scape Orchard. Indulge your fantasy of being a stealth ninja right in the heart of Singapore’s downtown area.

We assure you this sport is tried safe and tested. If you want to see the pictures of 22 Experience’s last Parkour session, please click here.

A Walk in the Park(our)?

Contrary to what is seems, Parkour is no walk in the park. Originating from France, this sport requires fluidity of one’s body and mental training. Agile movements coupled with swift responses will allow you to conquer any environmental or man-made obstacles thrown your way. Let your creative juices flow as you visualise an obstacle course and weave your way through it!

Though it might seem like an individual sport, Parkour’s zest is best brought out in groups. So do not hesitate to invite your partner or friends to join you in this exciting experience to get to know the urban city of Singapore. If you are more of a lone-ranger kind of person (and some ninjas are too), come on down for a night to connect with your inner creativity. It just might help you get to know yourself and your body better.

Main Partner

For our event, we have linked up with A2 Movements especially for you. The session is fully choreographed by A2 Movements and we are privileged to have their trainers leading it. During the 1.5 hours of the session, they will introduce you to Parkour techniques, as well as condition and fine-tune your agility skills.

A2 Movements seeks to inspire people of all ages and all walks of life to tap on their potential for creativity and movements. As long as you are young at heart and have a passion for adventure, we urge you to join us! Professional instructors from A2 Movement will keep a watchful eye over you while you practise your Parkour techniques. Whether you are a shy beginner or an experienced Parkour-er, we promise an enjoyable evening of getting to know yourself and your limits.

For Safety Reasons

If you are below 21 years old, you are required to seek parental consent before joining the event. A written and signed consent form must be brought on the day of the event itself (please do not forget this!)

Email us at info@22experience.com beforehand, and we will send you the parental consent form.

Necessary Items


  • Water bottle
  • Towel and extra clothing


  • Sport shoes
  • Light clothing (Singlet, Dry-fit tee, T-shirt)
  • Long pants (track pants, sweat pants, martial arts pants)
  • For ladies, please wear an additional sports bra or tube below your shirt

Terms and Conditions

DAMAGE OR LOSS (Equipment/Venue) Participants shall be responsible for any loss or damage to any equipment arising from the event. The cost of replacement or repair will be invoiced at the end of the event, or at any time thereafter.

DAMAGE OR LOSS (Participant) Participants shall be responsible for their own personal belongings placed or deposited within the venue or meeting point’s premises (as well as the property of any other persons attending the scheduled event). 22 Experience Pte Ltd shall not be responsible for the safekeeping or custody of any guests’ property. Under no circumstances will 22 Experience Pte Ltd accept responsibility or liability in this aspect and each participant undertakes to indemnify against any or all claims and proceedings for loss/or damages.

WEATHER This is a rain or shine event. All activities are able to proceed in light rain. In case of heavy downpour, the host might decide to reschedule the session.

GROUP SIZE The event is limited to 10 pax per session.

AGE REQUIREMENT Participants below 21 years old need written parental consent. Please email info@22experience.com if you need the form.

PAYMENTS No refunds.

Fri Jan 24, 2014
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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*Scape Orchard
90 minutes Parkour Session on Fri, 24th Jan SOLD OUT $22.00
Venue Address
2 Orchard Link, *Scape, Singapore 237978 Singapore
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